Atika Shubert date of birth, ethnicity, feet and salary

Atika Shubert, date of birth, ethnicity, feet, salary
Date of Birth/Birthday:
Age: 49 Years old
  1. Career and net worth
  2. Personal life: is Atika Shubert married or still dating?
  3. Body measurements: How tall is Atika Shubert?
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Atika Shubert is an award-winning news anchor whose date of birth is January 1, 1970, and is currently a CNN correspondent. Her Indonesian nationality makes her very unique. There is no data available on her parents, however, it is said that her mother was also a journalist and it inspired her to enter the field of journalism. Atika Shubert is of white ethnicity and speaks both English and Indonesian language fluently. In 1991, she attended Jakarta International School and graduated followed by her higher education in 1995 from Tufts University in Economics. Her first coverage was the fall of Indonesian President Suharto for which she gained a huge popularity and also served as a station reporter for CNN Jakarta. Atika Shubert is considered one of the much-applauded journalist with her dedication towards the work, at the same time keeping her charm. Considering that she has a successful career, her salary is estimated very high.

Career and net worth
Initially, Atika Shubert started as a producer with CNN for Jakarta where she covered the news in 1998 on the fall of Indonesia’s President Suharto. Also, she was well recognized for her interviews with important personalities like the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange receiving multiple awards for her dedication and work. In today’s time, she is working as CNN’s Senior International Correspondent based in Berlin. Before moving to Berlin, she also presented her work in Jerusalem, Tokyo, London, and Jakarta for CNN. Atika Shubert was the very first news reporter who covered the stories of Indian Ocean earthquake in 2004. She has also worked on coverages such as the Indonesia’s president downfall, the appointment of President Megawati Sukarnoputri, Bali bombing and much more. So considering how hard she works, Atika Shubert salary must be very high but there are no details on her exact financial figures.

Personal life: is Atika Shubert married or still dating?
Moving on to her personal life, she is a happily married woman and also has a baby. However, she is very secretive about her private affairs and not much information are revealed on her husband. Similarly, her past affairs or relationships are also a mystery as no one knows about it. But looking at her successful marital life, we can be sure that she has a very supportive husband as her job is not a joke. She has to travel various destinations to cover news stories which keep her busy and it is really something to appreciate as her husband keeps up with the whole thing.

Body measurements: How tall is Atika Shubert?
There is no such information regarding Atik Subert feet size or her body measurements, however, we do know that she is an attractive looking woman and is of white ethnicity. Her height seems to be above 5 feet as the exact measurement is not available but no one really cares as she looks good anyways.

Wiki and facts
Atika Subert has her own Wikipedia page and also her biography with her date of birth can be found in various wiki sites as she has gained popularity as a journalist. Her fans can follow her on various social media accounts like LinkedIn and Twitter.