Barbara Starr biography, age, married and husband

Barbara Starr, biography, age, married, husband
  1. Career and net worth
  2. Is Barbara Starr married or still dating?
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Based in Washington D.C, Barbara Starr is serving as a news journalist as well as a correspondent for the CNN. It is said that ever since her childhood days, she was quite interested in journalism field which might have helped her to reach where she is now making her one of the award-winning journalists of America. Barbara Starr biography does not reveal her birth date so the assumption of her exact age is a little difficult. However, it is known that she graduated from the California State University with a degree in Journalism. As a news correspondent for CNN, she has delivered exclusive coverages on the U.S. military as well as the political situation on a global platform. She is a recipient of a local Emmy Award. Considering her achievements we might say that her net worth is very high.

Career and net worth
Talking about her career, right after Barbara Starr graduated, she started searching for opportunities and ended up starting her career in journalism in 1979 while working for Business Week magazine. She worked for almost a decade till 1988 covering various matters for the magazine such as defense policy and national security. Later, she joined the ABC news as a producer and also won a local Emmy Award. Followed by her big break in 2001, she was hired as the lead Pentagon correspondent by the CNN which let her travel across many countries covering various news stories. Barbara Starr is considered one of the gems of CNN Network for her outstanding work and achievements.

Is Barbara Starr married or still dating?
It seems like Barbara Starr is pretty quiet when it comes to her private affairs. The lady herself has revealed nothing about her past or present. However, according to the sources, it is said that Barbara Starr was married but now is divorced and single. No detail information is available about her husband Gaylord Lloyd or if she has any children. Also, her family life is a mystery too. So we hope that she soon finds a perfect match and gets married again. We are eager to know who ends up as Barbara Starr husband.

Body measurements
Barbara Starr age is unknown but still, she has an energetic vibe and determination towards her profession which makes her very special. She still looks very attractive with her brown hair, beautiful eyes and a bright smile. Exact measurements of her body are unavailable however, she has a perfect height that goes together with her body mass. Also, it is very impressive that she has been able to maintain her body. She says that healthy food and good exercise are the keys to a healthy life.

Wiki and facts
Barbara Starr has her own Wikipedia page which can be helpful for those who want to know about her private as well as professional life. Other reference sites are also available on the internet that includes her biography and various gossips. Therefore, her fans can follow her on various social media accounts as Twitter and get to know her.