Bella Hadid Wiki, Facts, Height, Weight, Body Measurements and Bio

Bella Hadid, Bella Hadid Wiki, Facts, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Bio
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Age: 22 Years old
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Bella Hadid Bio
The world is getting crazy over the Hadid sisters and even if you are a crazy user of the social media and still got no idea of who the Hadid sisters are then definitely you are living under a rock. The two sisters are ruling the international fashion arena with their beauty and talent. The younger of the two is Bella Hadid. She followed her elder sister Gigi Hadid's footsteps in the fashion field and is doing very fine. Bella was born on October 9, 1996, as Isabella Khai Bella Hadid to father Mohamed Hadid and mother Yolanda Hadid.

As per the facts obtained online, Bella Hadid's dad was a real estate developer whereas her mother was a model and now, we know where her model looks and attitude came from. Despite being born as an American, she is of mixed descent. With reference to her personal bio, Bella Hadid is a mixture of Palestinian and Dutch descent. Apart from modeling, she is highly trained in horse riding as well. Bella was once a national based equestrian player but had to drop the sport due to health problems.

Bella Hadid Height, Weight and Measurements: What is Bella Hadid height?
Bella Hadid has a striking height of 5 feet and 9 inches and has the weight of 55 kilograms. Her body measurement is 34-24-34 inches and she wears shoes measuring 8.5 inches. Her body measurements suit her perfectly. Due to the proper combination of her height and weight, Bella Hadid looks astonishing in attires ranging from skirts to formals.

Bella Hadid Wiki and Facts
Like multiple other international models and fashion figures, Bella Hadid has a Wikipedia page of her own which has details of her personal and professional life. Multiple other Wiki sites and facts pages have also been publishing details of life. Everybody knows Bella has a much popular elder sister who has been named 'Model of the Year' for more than a few times already but not many know that this beauty also has a male sibling who likes both the sisters, is also making waves in the international fashion industry. Earlier this year, all three of the siblings walked down the runway and shared the same stage during one of the high rated fashion shows organized in Italy.It definitely is not a mystery that Bella is a brunette whereas her sister Gigi is a blonde.

Relating to this fact, many reporters frequently asked questions about her going brunette. In response, Bella Hadid said that she wanted to step herself aside from her sister who is much popular and has created a brand for herself. So as to help people to clearly tell them apart and also to be able to make herself distinguish in the overcrowded fashion field, Bella decided to go brunette. She has also stated that her hair color states her personal nature as well. Gigi is the outspoken girl and fun loving so blonde denotes her nature whereas Bella Hadid calls herself a dark natured person and kind of conservative as well, so she thinks black hair suits her better. Since we haven't yet seen her in blonde hair, we cannot exactly tell whether that hair color suits her or not but looking at the black hair at the moment, we cannot deny the fact that she looks absolutely gorgeous.