Brianna Keilar baby, age, divorce, weight, and feet

Brianna Keilar, baby, age, divorce, weight, feet
Date of Birth/Birthday:
Age: 38 Years old
  1. Personal life and marriage: Who is Brianna Keilar married to?
  2. Career and progressions
Brianna Marie Keilar was born on September 21, 1980. She is now CNN’s senior correspondent and an anchor in the Washington, D.C bureau. Born to Miriam Allen Keilar and Glenn Keilar, the gorgeous lady has already reached 36 years of age. She has grown to become a tall woman with a really good height of 5 feet 10 inches and Brianna Keilar weight is just suitable for her height and well-maintained body. At the time of her birth, the Kellar's were based in Australia but in 1982, they moved to the United States, California. She chose the University of California for her higher studies and there, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and Psychology. She had married Dave French on May 2, 2009, but their relationship did not go so well which ended in Brianna Keilar divorce.

Personal life and marriage: Who is Brianna Keilar married to?
Brianna Keilar married life has quite a history. She is a married woman but she does not have any baby. Her first marriage did not work out so well so she moved on soon after her divorce. In 2016, she confirmed that she was engaged to Fernando Lujan, who happens to be a director on the National Security Council at the White House. They started 2017 with a bang and the couple’s wedding in Las Vegas made headlines on various news channels. According to the sources, it was a perfectly planned wedding with the romantic proposal and bursting fireworks in the sky.  They just got married so we hope to get the good news very soon with Brianna Keilar baby.
Brianna Keilar baby, age, divorce, weight, and feet
Career and progressions
Brianna Keilar age is just a number as she has already achieved so much in her career and is considered a talented journalist. She initially joined the network in 2006 as a CNN News source correspondent where she provided breaking news coverage. She also worked as a fill-in anchor on CBS News and as a freelance reporter for CBS Evening News Weekend Edition. She has covered Hilary Clinton and the Democratic field as a lead reporter during the 2016 presidential campaign. Initially, she has served as a senior White House correspondent for CNN where she reported on the Obama administration from the nation’s capital as well as from around the world. Her coverage included major stories like the government shutdown to Obamacare, for which she was honored with the 2014 Aldo Beckman Memorial Award from the White House Correspondents Association. Furthermore, she also contributed to the network’s Emmy Award-winning election night coverage as she reported on President Obama’s campaign during America’s Choice 2012. She was again awarded the National Press Foundation’s Everett McKinley Award for her fall 2008 coverage of the $700 billion bank bailout. So we might say that the gorgeous lady not only has perfect weight and figure, she also has an intellectual mind.