Clarissa Ward married, husband, bio, family and age

Clarissa Ward, married, husband, bio, family, age
Date of Birth/Birthday:
Age: 39 Years old
  1. How much is Clarissa Ward net worth?
  2. Does Clarissa Ward have a boyfriend? Who is Clarissa Ward dating?
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As suggested by Clarissa Ward bio, she was born on January 30, 1980, and was raised in America by her family. It is said that since her childhood days she was brilliant with her studies and had a goal set for herself. Apart from this, details on Clarissa Ward family is unavailable and the woman herself has responded nothing about it. The 37-years-old age lady is currently serving as a foreign correspondent for the CNN Network. She graduated with distinction from the Yale University and is also fluent in various languages that include Russian, Spanish, Arabic, French, Mandarin and English. In 2013, she received the Honorary Doctor of Letters from Middlebury College in Vermont. Therefore, looking at her successful career and achievements her net worth can be assumed quite high.

How much is Clarissa Ward net worth?
Initially, Clarissa Ward started her news correspondent journey as a desk assistant at Fox News which was in 2003. Then she moved on to ABC News program in Moscow, followed by her work with CBS News in London. During her time there, she worked on to cover various news stories including the Tohoku earthquake in 2011, the tsunami in Japan, Russian Presidential elections and much more. With CBS News, she contributed on shows like “60 minutes” and also worked as a fill-in anchor for CBS This Morning. Her well-known foreign news stories include unrest in Egypt, Syrian Uprising, US-China negotiations and various other hot issues. In September 2015, she became the part of CNN platform and began to work in London. As CNN rewards its employees with a bulky salary, it is assumed that she receives around $200,000 from the network. But still, the exact estimation of her net worth is still to be made.

Does Clarissa Ward have a boyfriend? Who is Clarissa Ward dating?
Clarissa Ward is a well-known blonde beauty and there is no doubt that she has many well-wishers but still, her private life is a mystery. We do not know if Clarissa Ward is married or if the gorgeous lady has a husband. She seems to be very secretive of her personal affairs and it looks like she is not going to disclose it anytime soon. Even her past and present affairs are unknown. But there is no need to worry as Clarissa Ward age is still quite young and she has a long way to go. She is eventually going to find someone and get married. Until then rumors about Clarissa Ward husband can be kept aside.

Body measurements
Clarissa Ward stands tall and beautiful with a height of 5 feet and 8 inches and belongs to white ethnicity. Her blue eyes and blonde hair make her stand out from the rest along with her sophisticated personality. It is to be appreciated that despite her job and busy schedule, she is able to maintain herself this well.

Wiki and facts
Clarissa Ward is one of the popular journalists and many people look up to her. She has her own Wikipedia page that includes her bio and everything else that you will need to know. Her fans can follow her on social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.