Dannie Riel Bio, Age, Married, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Wiki and Facts

Dannie Riel, Dannie Riel Bio, Age, Married, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Wiki, Facts
Date of Birth/Birthday:
Age: 31 Years old
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Dannie Riel Bio
If you are a huge fan of YouTube then you definitely might have come across Dannie Riel for sure. She is a YouTube sensation who has captured millions of hearts worldwide through her videos. She has also been listed in numerous lists of 'Sexy Asian Ladies' and looking at her beauty we simply cannot deny the fact. With reference to her bio, Dannie Riel was born on 16th June 1988 in Canada. She belongs to mixed origin so she often calls herself as a French Chinese girl. She is likely the only child of her parents.

Dannie Riel Age: How old is Dannie Riel?
Taking a reference to the data available in her bio, Dannie Riel is currently 29 years of age. Despite her age, she has already achieved much more.

Dannie Riel Boyfriend and Married: Who is Dannie Boyfriend?
Many of her well-wishers want to know about her romance and love life and it is not much of a surprise that since she is young, smart and beautiful, many guys have approached her already. Dannie Riel officially had a boyfriend who was also her finance manager. They used to share their cute pictures on social media and people couldn't help talk about how perfect they looked together. But fate had something else in store for them. They parted ways due to reasons still not mentioned. But Riel is still hopeful for her love life. She is still eagerly waiting for the perfect guy whom she can make her boyfriend, go on romantic candlelight dinners with, dance away the night with and share her beautiful mornings with. Since Dannie Riel is still not married, we hope she soon finds her dream man. Her millions of fans can’t wait to see her getting married and have babies.

Dannie Riel Net Worth: What is Dannie Riel net worth?
Dannie Riel is one of the most popular Asian ladies in the world of social networking. She has over 20 thousand subscribers in her official YouTube channel with over 20 million and counting views for the videos she has uploaded. With such a huge popularity and fan following, everybody assumes she definitely might have earned a huge net worth. Many sites have published multiple details regarding her worth so it is very difficult to exactly tell Dannie Riel's actual net worth. As per the reports, she has an estimated worth ranging in between 1.5 to 3 million US dollars but due to lack of confirmation from the concerned authorities and also due to no proper financial transparency, we can only assume the data to be true.

While undergoing analysis about her income sources, it is found that her huge worth is accumulated from her earnings through multiple modeling assignments, her YouTube channel and not to forget her own clothing line and online fashion store named Riel Brand.

Dannie Riel Wiki and Facts
Like many other social media celebrities whose details are available on Wikipedia, Dannie Riel also has one. Her details relating to her personal and professional life can be obtained from her Wikipedia page. Many other Wiki sites and web pages have been publishing her personal and professional details as well due to which it also has created a kind of confusion a number of times about her details. She belongs to the list of celebrities who are highly active in various social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She is a regular and famous user of the video-sharing social media - YouTube.