Emily Skye Wiki, Workout, Diet and Age

Emily Skye, Wiki, Workout, Diet, Age
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Age: 33 Years old
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An Australian fitness model, fitness expert and a role model for a lot of women, Emily Skye is one of the top social media fitness trainer followed by more than 3 million peoples around the world. Professional model and wellness coach Emily Skye was born on Jan 7, 1985, making her current age to be 32. Emily Skye has made more than 70,000 women to follow her exercise program, diet, and other healthy habits. This fitness leader is popular for promoting mental health awareness campaign and healthy living techniques. Besides fitness world, Skye is also experienced in television hosting, acting, photography, and editing. Her popularity increased rapidly as she turned out to be the winner of 2011 WNBF Miss Figure and Fit Body. Forbes listed this fitness coach on number 3 as the Top Fitness Influencer in the World. This role model is recognized as an inspiration model for fitness, quality of life and healthy living. According to Emily Skye wiki, she is an Australian by nationality and is of Caucasian ethnicity.

Career and Professional Life:
At the beginning of her career, Skye worked as a model in several Australian magazines including Australian Oxygen Magazine. She had just overcome from depression and was inspired to change her life from that moment. Although she was hot, charming and gaining popularity in the modeling field, her health started to deteriorate due to unhealthy living habits, unhealthy diet and lack of exercises at all.

Skye realized and finally decided to adopt a healthy living and involve herself in the fitness world. Being conscious of health, model Skye started going gym where she was only the typical cardio girl. There was a sudden change in her foods, workout and a healthier approach to life bringing a positive influence in her disturbed life. This fitness trainer has completely defeated her depression and anxiety by overcoming her entire insecurities through healthy life approach and strength training. Her decision to go away from modeling to fitness was proved fruitful to her as she is one of the top social fitness trainers around the world.

Hardworking and dedicated fitness guru Skye has appeared in several advertisements like Aero Chocolate’s advertisement which was featured on billboards and buses. In September 2011, Emily got victory over the Fit Body contest and the WNBF Miss Figure. In 2013, she started her own brand, Emily Skye 30 Day 2 Shred based on fitness tips for maintaining diet and helping to lose weight.

At present, model Skye is one of the top beautiful fitness leading women in social media holding more than 3 million online followers. She has been contributing to the fitness group Fitz Functional Kinetics that is viewed by more than 7.5 million Instagram fans and followers. Emily Skye is in a regular workout and keeps a special eye on her food and healthy habits.

Early Life
Online fitness instructor Skye was born in Australia and was raised under the custody of her mother as her father left the family when she was only 2 years old. This incident had created many insecurities to Skye and her mother torturing them mentally.

Emily who is too confident and active at present had gone through the depression problem during her teenage. All the directions were closed to her and she used to feel like being lost. She used to have unhealthy living habits with no exercise at all. As she overcomes from anxiety and depression, she turned to be a model and now she is the leading online fitness freak. Skye is a perfect example of motivation as she transformed herself into highly confident fitness freak from a teen who was suffered from depression and unhealthy living habits

Is Fitness Guru Emily Skye Dating Anyone?
The relationship status of Emily is one of the curious topics for her followers, especially guys. She is dating her boyfriend Declan Redmond from her young age of 24. This couple has been living together for more than eight years and seems like they are going to get married soon. There are no disputes between this couple and no signs are there for being separated as said by wiki sites.