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Gisele Bundchen, Gisele Bundchen Wiki, Kids, House, Sisters, Husband, Height,Bio
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Age: 38 Years old
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Gisele Bundchen Bio
Gisele Bundchen is a famous model born on 20th July 1980 in the Rio Grande do Sul, Sothern Brazil to parents Vania Bundchen and Valdir Bundchen. With reference to her personal bio, Gisele Bundchen started modeling at the mere age of 14 after she was spotted by a photographer while she was on the school tour.

Gisele Bundchen Kids, House, Sisters
Gisele Bundchen has got five sisters. Among the sisters, one is her fraternal twin. All of them have got charming faces and killer looks. Gisele Bundchen lives with her husband and two kids in her sweet house. She has admired her life even more and her house has become livelier after the birth of her kids.

Gisele Bundchen Husband: Who is Gisele Bundchen married to?
Gisele Bundchen is married to husband American football quarterback Tom Brady. They are happily married and seem so much in love with each other.

Gisele Bundchen Height: What is Gisele Bundchen height?
Undoubtedly, the most important requirement to be a model in the international arena is to have a great height. If you have a great height then you automatically have a plus point for a modeling career. In case of Gisele Bundchen, she had both the height and beautiful face to be an international modeling figure. Gisele Bundchen has a remarkable height of 5 feet and 11 inches which is a very good height for female models and also a strong feature as well. Due to her appealing physical features and striking face, Bundchen has been successful to make her mark in the field of numerous models. She looks gorgeous in her photo shoots and looks equally alluring while strutting down the runway. Due to her right proportion of height and weight, Gisele Bundchen looks picture perfect in attires ranging from long skirts to bikinis. She has appeared in numerous commercials, billboard advertisements, music videos and has been on the cover page of many international fashion and glamour magazines.

Gisele Bundchen Wiki and Facts
It is not much of a surprise when we come across Wiki page of famous movie stars, television personalities, models, and socialites. Just Like in case of many other celebrities and models, Gisele Bundchen also has her own Wikipedia page or bio page. It consists of details of her personal and professional life. Multiple other Wiki sites and web pages have also been publishing details of her life. In this world of digitalization and Internet, we definitely cannot go untouched by the wonders of different social sites. Similarly, many celebrities and entertainment personalities also love to keep in touch with the digital world through various social media available. Since the sites have also been a major source of building the brand and spreading info, most celebrities are using it for the same. They also use them as a medium to connect with millions of fans and followers worldwide.

Like multiple other celebrities, Gisele Bundchen has also been doing the same. She is highly active on various social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Her Twitter account has more than 212 thousand followers at the moment whereas her Instagram has over 141 thousand followers. She has always been showing her love and graciousness towards her fans through her posts which may be one of the many reasons behind her every day increasing fan following. Kelly Monaco usually posts about her daily life, professional routine and the places she vacationed in.