How much is Dominique Sachse salary a year? Dominique Sachse bio and wiki

How much is Dominique Sachse salary a year, Dominique Sachse, bio, wiki
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Age: 50 Years old
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Short Bio
Talented journalist Dominique Sachse hails from London, England and was born on June 11, 1968. Although born in England, Dominique Sachse’s bio is precisely clear about her American nationality because of the American citizenship she holds. Her ethnicity is white, but with mixed Ukrainian and German ancestry. Best known as the founder of Health Fitness Revolution, she works as an anchor and reporter at KPRC 2, Houston News.

How much is Dominique Sachse’s salary a year? Know about Dominique’s net worth
From what we know of her and her skilled endeavors, Dominique Sachse’s estimated net worth has recently climbed up to a massively endearing $5.4million. Through her anchoring works, videos on YouTube and ownership of several franchises, Dominique’s healthy salary also makes up for most of the net worth. It is to be noted that some portion of her salary goes to charity for the health care of African women. She lives in an exotic $10million worth house further boosting her lavish lifestyle. Dominique Sachse’s wiki reveals that she has been to Memorial High School and also has a degree in Bachelors of Arts from the University of Houston majoring in communication. The career that embarked as a traffic reporter in 1990, she first served at the Metro Traffic Control. After this stint, she took into KHMX Mix 96.5 as a DJ, a job she would sustain for the next two and a half years. In 1994, she was hired with hype by the KPRC TV CH2 where she landed the position of a news anchor. She has founded the Health Fitness Revolution and she is also the creator of ReSync Method for weight loss. Two-time legit recipient of the Emmy Award for Best Journalist and Reporter, she is also a renowned YouTuber where her videos are mostly focused on providing tips for makeup and weight loss.

Married life and children
It’s amazing how someone’s personal life can be as terrific as their professional life. Dominique Sachse is married to businessman husband Nick Florescu since 2012. Their wedding took place in Texas where they exchanged their vows. 2012. Nick and Dominique have six children altogether, of which five were from Nick’s ex-marriage and one from Dominique’s previous relationship. Their children’s names are Elle, Alex, Bella, Nicky, and Ava. There stand no chance or rumors of divorce between Dominique and her husband as they are adorably happy as a family.

Height and Weight
Dominique’s dominating height is a particular topic of discussion among many. Sources claim that her height stands at almost over 6 feet (1.82 meters) which is an absolutely stunning height. However, she doesn’t seem as tall in her pictures relating to this information available on her height. She has a slim, slender body with sexy body measurements. Aged 48, fans often tend to get suspicious regarding visible hints of Dominique getting plastic surgery. She has allegedly performed breast enlargement, Botox operation and nose job from time to time.

Wiki and Facts
Being an avid YouTuber and news anchor at the same time, it is already clear that this beautiful media personality is an active social media enthusiast. She is on Twitter @KPRCDominique with almost 40K followers. Similarly, on her Instagram, she has brilliant 70K+ followers to her name. Her self-titled YouTube channel has 300K subscribers all in all. Who wouldn’t want to get in touch with this amazing socialite? Check Dominique Sachse’s wiki sites, and note that her actual Wikipedia page isn’t existent.