Is Natasha Raskin married or single? Natasha Raskin bio and husband

Natasha Raskin married, Natasha Raskin bio, husband
  1. Is Natasha Raskin married or single?
  2. Natasha Raskin bio
  3. Natasha Raskin husband
Natasha Raskin is widely known as a Scottish television presenter as well as an art expert who has made her appearances in programs like Antiques Road Trip, Flog It!, For What It’s Worth, Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, Bargain Hunt, Baggage Battles and much more in the USA and UK. Natasha Raskin bio says that she was born in the mid-1986 in Glasgow, Scotland but still a concrete fact on her birth date is missing from the internet for some reason. She happens to be one of the three children in the family and holds Scottish Nationality. Talking more about her family, her father Philip Raskin is also a successful Scottish artist thus, we might assume that it may have influenced her interest in antiques and arts. Natasha Raskin eventually graduated from the Glasgow University majoring in the History of Arts and French and has also attended the primary election of 2008 for Barack Obama as an initial stage of her career. To add to it, she also worked as a full-time photo expert, auctioneer, and valuer at McTears in Glasgow followed by her TV appearances which are quite popular among the viewers. There is no doubt that she has managed to create name and fame for herself along with a whopping net worth.

Is Natasha Raskin married or single?
Natasha Raskin seems to be very secretive when it comes to her personal life and never reveals anything about her romantic affairs. We never found her disclosing whether she is a married woman or if she is still single and though she is already in her 30s now, Natasha Raskin does not seem to care about it as she still looks gorgeous and has maintained herself quite well. There is no doubt that there are hundreds of men after her but she has not given any sign to them. However, she is a woman after all and undoubtedly desires a romantic relationship that lasts forever. She once mentioned in an interview her ideal type and said that she would love to have someone who loves her, cares for her and supports her not only emotionally but also with her business and career. But through the whole interview, she sure managed to keep it a secret on whether or not if she has found her Mr. Right. Since she has not officially disclosed her romantic affair, it has been a lot confusing and a matter of mystery.

Natasha Raskin bio
With her beautiful personality, she has managed to create her own fan-base through her sweet voice as an anchor for BBC and also through her hard-work and performance in the very show. Natasha Raskin appears to be gorgeous in her fit body shape with absolute measurements and stands tall with a height of over 5 feet 8 inches with average weight. She seems to be less active when it comes to her social media accounts but you can still reach her at Natasha Raskin bio can be found anywhere on the internet that provides details on her married life, career, birth date and other gossips so you sure need to stay updated. She has her own Wikipedia page to make things easier and also various wiki sites are all over the internet.

Natasha Raskin husband
Though she wanted to keep her romantic affair very low scale, finally on September 2016 we got to hear the news that she finally had a grand wedding and a husband. It was the day when Natasha Raskin found the love of her life Joe Sharp. The wedding pictures of the newlyweds were posted on a Facebook page, “Rosie Scott Hair & makeup” which was created by her friend. Since then, it has all been happily ever after for Natasha Raskin and her husband and no rumors or gossips have been found related to their divorce.