Isa Soares Birthday, Wiki, Baby, Net Worth, Height and Bio

Isa Soares, Birthday, Wiki, Baby, Net Worth, Height, Bio
  1. Isa Soares Bio: Who is Isa Soares?
  2. Isa Soares Birthday: When was Isa Soares born?
  3. Isa Soares Career
  4. Isa Soares Net Worth and Salary
  5. Isa Soares Height, Weight and Feet: How tall is Isa Soares?
  6. Isa Soares Wiki and Facts
Isa Soares Bio: Who is Isa Soares?
Isa Soares is a popular international anchor and award winning columnist. She has been awarded AIB award for her outstanding work in the field of media. She is of Portuguese nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. She has black eyes with shoulder length dark flowing black hair. As per her bio, she Isa Soares is multi-lingual. She is fluent in Portuguese, French, and Spanish.

Since Isa Soares wants to keep her personal and professional life private, not much is known about her family and dating life. It is unknown whether she is single or married, and if she is married already, does she have a baby or not. But multiple tabloids have reported of her still being single. Since she is not married yet, she has no children and reports of her adopting a baby has not surfaced yet. All these details show that she is completely focused on her career at the moment.

Isa Soares Birthday: When was Isa Soares born?
The talented correspondent, Isa Soares was born in a middle-class family in a city in Lisbon, Portugal. When she turned 11, she moved to London with her family. Later, her family moved back to their hometown in Portugal whereas she stayed back in London to complete her university education.

Due to lack of her detailed personal bio, we do not know about her birthday and specifics about her family. Since her birthday and the birth year are not known, the information about her exact age is not acknowledged. On basis of her youthful physical appearance and vibrant aura, we can guess she is probably in her early or mid-thirties.

Isa Soares Career
Isa Soares is a Hispanic and Lusophone graduate of King’s College. She received her Master’s degree in International Relations and Economics from the University of Bristol. While she was receiving her Master’s education, one of her friends notified her about the search of an intern by CNN. She applied for the internship, was qualified for it and started to work for the CNN. Later, at the end of her internship, she was provided an opportunity to work for CNN as a Portuguese reporter for Euro 2004 that was being held in Portugal. In due course, she became a part of CNN team.

At the initiation of her career, Isa Soares worked as a news reporter, news writer and producer for Quest Means Business with Richard Quest, a business program, before indulging herself as a full-time news correspondent. She is famous for her coverage of the Paris attack in 2015, and Nice attack in 2016. She has also covered many other stories from nooks and corners of the UK and other European countries as well.

She is also renowned for her news coverage about the Eurozone crisis and its impact in countries like Spain and Portugal. Similarly, she broadly covered the debt issues of Greece, the impact of internal conflict in the economic condition of Ukraine and the gradual financial crunch, the issues of anti-Semitism in France and the like. Likewise, she has also extensively covered the world political issues like the Scottish referendum, the Catalonian referendum and the issues of world threatening Ebola virus in nations like Brazil and Argentina. She also did the live reporting of World Cup 2014 for CNN, CNN Espanol and CNN International from nations like Brazil and Argentina, who have been dominating football scene for a very long time now.

She has also interviewed multiple high profile business personalities like the CEO of Audi, Pirelli, Vodafone, Lufthansa and various sports personalities like football legend, Pele and tennis star, Rafael Nadal.
Isa Soares Net Worth and Salary
Unlike other celebrities and media personalities, Isa Soares likes to keep her financial status private. Neither CNN nor Isa Soares herself has disclosed her net worth and salary. But on basis of her popularity and talent, we can easily conclude that she earns a massive six digit annual salary and probably her net worth is around over a million dollars.

Isa Soares Height, Weight and Feet: How tall is Isa Soares?
Due to lack of personal details, precise height of Isa Soares is not known. She has a very good-looking physical structure and really attractive facial features. Her height is in proportion with her weight so most outfits look good on her. She also has nice feet and legs so, knee-length skirts really suits her.

Isa Soares Wiki and Facts
Despite being a popular figure, Isa Soares currently does not have a Wikipedia page. But her information can be obtained through multiple Wiki sites and web pages. She is highly active in social media as well. Once in a while, she keeps on updating her fans with her life through multiple posts. Currently, she is active on Twitter.