James Mates Bio, Father, Wife, Family, Brother, Net Worth, Salary and Wiki

James Mates, Bio, Father, Wife, Family, Brother, Net Worth, Salary, Wiki
  1. Bio: Who is James Mates?
  2. Age: How old is James Mates?
  3. Early Career
  4. Recent years
  5. Net Worth and Salary
  6. Body Measurements: What is James Mates height?
  7. Who is James Mates wife?
  8. Wiki and Instagram
Bio: Who is James Mates?
Mates is a well-known British newsreader and journalist who is known best for her exceptional career in ITV News and as the Europe Editor. James Mates received his education from Marlborough College based in Marlborough in Wiltshire. Eventually, he went on to attend Farnham College based in Farnham. He then joined the University of Leeds from where he attained a degree in International History and Politics. Mates bio is given below.

Age: How old is James Mates?
James Mates was born in 1964 in Bethnal Green, United Kingdom. James Mates father is Michael Mates James Mates father is a Conservative party politician. James Mates brother has an equally good career.

Early Career
According to James Mates wiki, he began his career in 1983 in ITV as an editorial trainee. Eventually, he worked as a scriptwriter and then a general reporter in 1986. While working as an importer he went on to cover stories like the Zeebrugge ferry disaster, UK's failed extradition attempt from the Republic of Ireland of Father Patrick Ryan, and more.

James Mates then went on to work for Channel 4’s Channel Four Daily as a correspondent of the World News. In 1991, he went on to become a correspondent for ITV and worked in Moscow. He has covered various stories like the 1996 refugee crisis, the uprising in Chechnya by President Yeltsin, rebel army of the Rwandan Patriotic Front, refugee crisis in former Yugoslavia, war in Rwanda, and more.

Recent years
James Mates worked as the Washington correspondent from 1997 to 2001. Then in 2001, he was named the Senior Correspondent of ITV News. As a senior correspondent, he was noted for his coverage of the September 11 attacks for ITV. He is known to have reported from New York and Washington. Mats became the Europe Editor for ITV News in January 2012. While there, he focused on the future of EU.

James Mates is currently appearing in some shows for ITV. He makes regular appearances on the ITV Weekend News as Europe Editor. He has also appeared on ITV Lunchtime News as an occasional relief presenter. He is also known to have appeared in the ITV Evening News as a relief presenter. His work has been highly appreciated.

Net Worth and Salary
James Mates net worth is estimated to be more than a million dollars as per various sources. James Mates salary has been amassed for his remarkable work on ITV news. James Mates net worth has seen an increase in the past few days due to his high demand in the journalism arena.

Body Measurements: What is James Mates height?
James Mates height is noted to be 5 feet 10 inches. James has a well maintained healthy body.

Who is James Mates wife?
James Mates wife is Fiona. The couple has been married for a long time now. Together, the couple has three children named Leo, Flora, and Charlie. James Mates family is currently living in London. There have been no rumors of extramarital affairs.

Wiki and Instagram
James Mates has won the Prix du Press Club de France at the 7th International Scoop & News Festival of Angers, France and a silver medal at the 35th Annual Film & Television Festival of New York City for one of his reports. For another report, he had also won a Silver medal from New York in 1996. He has more than 27 thousand followers on his Twitter account. James Mates bio can be found on numerous social media sites like Wikipedia and IMDB.