Justin Bieber Wiki, Tattoos, Quotes, Jokes and Bio

Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber Wiki, Tattoos, Quotes, Jokes, Bio
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Age: 25 Years old
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Justin Bieber Bio
Justin Bieber hit the international music arena with his super hit number "Baby" when he was still a teenager. Born to a teen mother of seventeen, Bieber was raised by his single mother. Defying many odds, her mother uploaded videos of Justin singing and performing on the popular video-sharing social platform – YouTube. His videos were noticed by a music producer who then approached him and signed a deal. At the mere age of 16, Justin Bieber was already performing all over the world and was the owner of millions of dollars. He has always been in the headlines either for his music, or his bad behavior or his relation with Selena Gomez. Apart from singing, Bieber is very fascinated by tattoos.

Despite his popularity, many people also criticized him for being less mainly due to his androgynous bodily features. So in order to mock him or make fun of him, various quotes and jokes based on him went viral on various social media. But disregarding all those haters and criticizers, Justin is still going strong in his music career and has generated many hits like Sorry, What do you Mean?, Love Yourself, Where are U Now, Cold Water, I am the One in the year 2016-17 already.

Justin Bieber Tattoos
Celebrity and tattoos have become a synonym these days. It seems like one need to ink their body if they are a celebrity. There are very few celebrities who have avoided getting tattoos despite getting name and money. Justin Bieber belongs to the list of the celebrities who have inked most of their body parts. It took a good look; we can easily see that his arms, chest, and back are covered with numerous interesting tattoos. He is reported to have 51 permanent tattoos on his body at the moment and he is still not going to stop there for sure. He has also inked the name of his latest album "Purpose" above his belly button. In the right upper arm, a big "G" is inked. He said that the tattoos were an honor for a little girl named Georgia.

Justin Bieber Quotes and Jokes
Justin Bieber has said many inspiring quotes and is labeled as a cunning joke maker. His quotes can be seen on the internet. He has quoted about friends, positivity, youth and business, love, fame and money. Many of his friend celebrities have openly admitted that Justin Bieber has habit cracking jokes that are sometimes too hard to even comprehend. Several of his jokes and the instances he delivered them can be found mentioned on numerous websites and pages.

Justin Bieber Wiki and Facts
Like many other celebrities of the entertainment world, Justin Bieber also has a Wikipedia page of his own consisting details of his personal and professional life. Many other Wiki sites and web pages also have been publishing Justin Bieber's details often. He is a fitness freak and working out for a couple of hours is more than his daily routine. He says that working out has made his mind as well as his body equally fit and active. He belongs to the list of those celebrities who are active on various social media. His Facebook profile and Twitter account have thousands of followers who keep updated with Justin Bieber's details through various posts related to his daily and working life.