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Karlie Kloss ,Karlie Kloss Wiki, Facts, Boyfriend, Sisters, Family, Bio
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Age: 26 Years old
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Karlie Kloss Bio
Karlie Kloss is an international model and entrepreneur of American nationality. She was born on August 3, 1992, in Chicago, Illinois, the US to mother Tracy Kloss and Kurt Kloss. She belongs to a middle-class family. Her dad is an emergency physician whereas her mother is a freelance director. Karlie Kloss was noticed by a photographer while she was walking the runaway of a local fashion show while she was still in her high school. With reference to her personal bio, Karlie Kloss is also a ballet dancer. She has talked about how ballet moves have helped her walk confidently in the runaway even in the sky-high heels.

Taking the reference to her bio obtained in Wikipedia, Karlie Kloss walked for Victoria's Secret Angel for a period of four years starting from 2011 till 2014. Due to her amazing self-poise, attitude, and ability to walk calmly even in the weirdest outfits, Karlie has been compared to supermodel Kate Moss by many fashion figures, designers, and modeling agencies.

Karlie Kloss Boyfriend: Who is Karlie Kloss boyfriend?
Karlie Kloss has dated a lot of gorgeous men to date. Currently, she is rumored to be dating one of the in-laws of the present US president Donald Trump, Joshua Kushner. Her boyfriend is a venture capitalist and social gaming entrepreneur. They are pictured enjoying each other’s' company and we agree they look totally smitten with each other. Karlie Kloss is very tall with a height of 6 feet 2 inches but, her boyfriend is taller. He has a height of 6 feet and 3 inches.

Karlie Kloss Sisters and Family: Who are in Karlie Kloss family?
Karlie Kloss has three equally beautiful sisters in her family. This good-looking family has a never ceasing relationship of love and care. The eldest of all the siblings is Kristen Kloss. She helped Karlie in managing her fashion shows and charity works. Other two sisters are very young so It is still unsure whether the remaining sisters will choose to model like Karlie.

Karlie Kloss Wiki and Facts
Like many other fashion models and entertainment world celebrities, Karlie Kloss also has a Wikipedia page of her own. It consists of details about her childhood, education, personal and professional life. Multiple other Wiki sites and web pages have been publishing details of her life as well. So, if you want to learn more about Karlie Kloss, you just have to google her name and you can see hundreds of web pages that are providing her information.

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