Lucy Cork Bio, Age, Birthday, Wiki and Net Worth

Lucy Cork, Bio, Age, Birthday, Wiki, Net Worth
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Lucy Cork Bio
Lucy Cork is a popular stuntwoman who has worked as a stunt double in a number of popular movies. She has played in Mission Impossible 6 as a stunt double for the actress Rebecca Ferguson. In the 2017 hit movie, Wonder Woman, she played alongside actress Gal Gadot. As per the details in her bio, before taking up as a stuntwoman in Hollywood, Lucy Cork worked as a pole dancer and participated in multiple pole dancing competitions.

Since her childhood, Lucy Cork was very athletic. She depicted her athletic skills in various games she played in. This sports-loving girl soon was intrigued by aerial pole and started taking pole sessions at the age of 17. Those sessions sharpened her dance movements and gymnastics agility which later helped a lot in the action scenes she usually does in the movies these days.

With respect to bio available in multiple sources, Lucy Cork is said to be 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Her body weight is in proportion to her athletic figure and height. This British beauty has brown hair and green eyes. As per her job, she needs to remain physically fit so as to perform actions required in the movies so working out for a couple of hours is her routine every day. The workout helps her to remain physically as well as mentally fit.

Lucy Cork’s Age
Lucy Cork took up aerial pole sessions when she was only 17. Later she joined Hollywood as a stuntwoman. She is a very hardworking disciplined lady who loves training hard and learning new skills. She is highly skilled in gymnastics and martial arts. She also took three years training to qualify her for playing stuntwoman. Cork is a pro at using swords, knives, sticks, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Warrior Masterclass and many other forms of martial arts. Soon after the completion of her training, she was cast in Mission Impossible 6 by the unit director and stunt co-coordinator, Wade Eastwood. Currently, Lucy Cork is only 25 years of age.

Lucy Cork’s Birthday
Lucy Cork celebrates her birthday on 19th October each year. She was born in 1991 in a small town in London. Currently, she is dating Man of Steel actor, Henry Cavill, aged 34. Lucy cork who will be celebrating her 26th birthday this year met Henry on the set of Mission Impossible 6.

Lucy Cork’s Wiki
Lucy Cork doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. So, many details about her personal and professional life are still unknown. Since her fame is growing each passing day, her wiki page will soon be released.

Lucy Cork’s Net Worth
Lucy Cork earns a very high sum from her action scenes. So, her net worth is probably around six hundred dollars. But due to lack of proper information about her finances, the exact net worth of Lucy Cork is not known. With a limited number of woman stunt professionals in the movie industry, a talented and skilled stunt professional like her is of high demand. Soon, she will be seen performing actions the awaited movie Justice League which is slated to release in November 2017. She already has a lot more movies scheduled to be released in the coming years. Evaluating the amount of work she has on her plate right now, her net worth is sure to leaps and bounds in the future.