Michelle Malkin wiki, family, net worth and boyfriend

Michelle Malkin, Michelle Malkin wiki, family, net worth, boyfriend
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Michelle Malkin is a multi talented person who has established herself as a successful journalist, a conservative blogger, an author, a syndicated communist, political commentator and Fox News Channel Contributor.

Michelle Malkin bio
Born on October 20, 1970, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, Malkin is of Asian origin, having 5 feet 2 inches height and weighing 105 pounds and is a Roman Catholic. Malkin got raised in New Jersey and currently resides in Colorado. Malkin and her works usually become hot topics newspapers, magazines and websites.

Michelle Malkin Family
Michelle Malkin was born to a Filipino couple, Apolp Decastro Maglalang and Rafaela Perez immigrated to the USA on an employer sponsored visa. Michelle Malkin family is not politically active. Michelle Malkin family is a Regan supporter.

On 1993, Michelle Malkin got married to Jesse Malkin who was her former college mate in Oberlin College. Jesse got his higher education from Oxford University which he joined on “Rhodes Scholarship”. Jesse worked for Rand Corporation, as an associate policy analyst and economist focusing on healthcare issues. On 2004, Jesse left the job and became a stay-at-home dad. Michelle and Jesse Malkin have two children. They lived in North Bethesda and later on got shifted to Colorado.

Michelle Malkin Career
Michelle Malkin finished her schooling from a Roman Spirit Roman Catholic High School. Aspiring to become a concert pianist, Malkin wanted to pursue a bachelor’s degree in music and she changed her major to English. She joined Oberlin College and worked as a press inserter, tax preparation aide, and network news librarian during those days. Malkin had keen interest to write right from her University days.

According to Michelle Malkin wiki, her career began in Los Angeles Daily News when she started working as a journalist and columnist from 1992. Continuing her journalist career, she moved to Washinton D.C and worked for Competitive Enterprise Institute on 1995.On 1996, Malkin moved to Seattle and worked as a columnist for The Seattle Times. According to Michelle Malkin wiki, on 1999, she achieved the status of the nationally syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate. From 2001, Malkin worked as a Fox News Channel contributor and started working as a regular host of The O’Reilly Factor. On 2007, there was a dispute that Geraldo Rivera made derogatory statements about her in a Boston Globe interview but Fox News mishandled the dispute due to which she quit hosting The O’Reilly Factor. After that, she has been appearing occasionally on “The Sean Hannity Show”, “Fox & Friends” and the like programs.

From 2007, she has devoted her time to blogging, writing, and public speaking, and occasionally appears on TV shows. She is famous for hosting works in channels like MSNBC and S-SPAN. On June 2004, She launched her personal website “michellemalkin.com” where her publications are widely read. This blog is regarded as Top 100 Blogs of all Time. She also founded news website and opinion group blog “hotair.com”. Malkin has also been established as a writer. Some of the best sellers of Malkin are Invasion, In Defense of Internment, and more.

Michelle Malkin Net Worth
Michelle Malkin net worth is reported to be about $22 million. 2.14 million People have been following Malkin on twitter.

Michelle Malkin Boyfriend: Who is Michelle Malkin dating now?
Michelle Malkin boyfriend was Jesse Malkin. Michelle Malkin boyfriend became her husband after marriage in 1993. With two children and her married life going well.

Michelle Malkin Wiki
Michelle Malkin has also suffered many controversies. Her blog about Jamil Hussien who is Iraqi Police Captain has been considered a controversy. Malkin’s other controversies include her allegations about John Kerry, “Students against War” and “Hot Air”. Malkin has also suffered problems regarding racism during her school days as she was a Filipino in the USA. Despite all the controversies and problems she has struggled and established herself as one of the great Journalist, Author, and Blogger of all time. Her life that being born as an immigrant in the USA, but able to achieve such a great success, is a great lesson to learn for every people of the world.