Nia-Malika Henderson bio, married, husband, age and ethnicity

Nia-Malika Henderson, bio, married, husband, age, ethnicity
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Age: 45 Years old
  1. Private life and marriage: Who is Nia-Malika Henderson married to?
  2. Career and progressions
  3. How much is Nia-Malika Henderson net worth?
Born on July 7, 1974, Nia-Malika Henderson is a senior political reporter for CNN covering on political issues and policies. She reports broadly for CNN’s Inside Politics. She has established herself as a senior political reporter in the journalism fraternity. Nia-Malika Henderson bio reveals that she is a personality of black ethnicity while her nationality is American. The 42-years-old age lady obtained her master’s degree from the Yale University. She has also received a degree in journalism when enrolled at Columbia University. It is also well known that she is pretty secretive when it comes to her personal life so Nia-Malika Henderson husband and her love life have always been an interesting topic.

Private life and marriage: Who is Nia-Malika Henderson married to?
Coming to her personal life, no such details are available but still, rumors are made here and there. Considering Nia-Malika Henderson age it is hard to believe that she is without a husband but she was rumored to be dating Glenn Beck. It has also been assumed that Glenn is her secret husband but none of these stories ring truth to it. So we can say that she is actually single but can be hoped that more information on her private life becomes available to the public and hope she gets married in the near future.

Career and progressions
Nia-Malika Henderson started her career with The Washington Post. She covered major events of the White House as a national political reporter for the magazine. Her other major stories include the 2012 Election blog, the presidential campaign and the mid-term elections of 2010. She has also been well-known for the coverage of first two years of the Obama administration as well as the coverage of the Democratic primary race and the Democratic National convention. She was also the national staff for Newsday. Her bio also includes other endeavors which were writing for The Baltimore Sun and was pretty well received. Her popularity has grown as she specializes in identity politics while exploring the dynamics of demographics, race and religion and the stories on the groups of people who help shape the national elections. Though the internet has very little information on Nia-Malika Henderson contributions, we know that she has some of the top coverages. So the assumption of her high net worth is natural. Coming to her net worth or her salary, not any wiki sites provide the exact information.
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How much is Nia-Malika Henderson net worth?
However, Nia-Malika Henderson’s net worth, according to the various sources is known to be a whopping 5 million dollars. Estimations have also been made that she earns 100 thousand dollars salary on a daily basis and this has made her well-known in the field of journalism. We are not so sure whether these stories about her is true but we hope to get more details on her personal life including if Nia-Malika Henderson married her boyfriend. Also, we must appreciate her hard work and dedication including Nia-Malika Henderson ethnicity that gives her an attractive appearance.