Nima Elbagir married, husband, feet and net worth

Nima Elbagir married, husband, feet and net worth
  1. Private life and husband: Who is Nima Elbagir married to?
  2. Career growth and net worth: How much is Nima Elbagir net worth?
Nima Elbagir was born in Sudan in 1978 and is mostly known for her appearance on CNN as an international correspondent. She has quite an interesting background as her father was a journalist who was jailed before her birth and her mother was the first publisher in Sudan. She moved to the United Kingdom when she was three years old while she belongs to Northern Sudanese Origins and her ethnicity is Africa. Moreover, she received her BSc. In the Philosophy from the London School of Economics. She has visited some of the darkest and difficult places due to which her work is impeccable and is admired by everyone. Without a doubt, Nima Elbagir net worth is beyond comparison as this fearless lady has great determination as well as a deep sense of humanity.

Private life and husband: Who is Nima Elbagir married to?
Coming to her personal life, her sexual orientation is straight and her current relationship status is engaged. There are no details on Nima Elbagir husband but it is known through various sources that she has been dating a British diplomat from a few years as her boyfriend and is engaged to him. The couples met in Sudan and plan to get married in the near future. So we hope to say Nima Elbagir married the right man and expect to see her with a perfect husband. The tall lady does have an attractive body figure but no information on her feet in available.

Career growth and net worth: How much is Nima Elbagir net worth?
Nima Elbagir’s career as a journalist began in 2002 with the Reuters where she covered the simmering conflict in the Darfur in Sudan. In 2005, she joined More4 News as she moved into broadcast journalism where her exclusive coverage included the expose of the rape allegations against the African Union. She has even risked her life to cover major events and stories in Africa. Nima Elbagir was the first journalist to cover the story of the kidnapping of 250 girls by Boko Haram. Libya, Nigeria, Sudan, and Afghanistan are some of her travel destinations for her exclusive stories. Her hard work surely shows that she is very passionate about her job and that she wants to bring something good out of it. As a successful journalist, Nima Elbagir has received various awards that include the specialist reporting award from the Royal Television Society and also two awards from the Foreign Press Association. She surely has an influential life.
Nima Elbagir
Now her career does make us wonder about her lifestyle and salary but it is not disclosed yet by herself. So we are unknown to Nima Elbagir net worth. However, we assume that she is a millionaire as she has spent a decade in the industry and has a luxurious lifestyle. With a height of 5 feet 10 inches, she is one of the beautiful journalists but no information on Nima Elbagir feet is known. She recently resides in the England with her partner.