Olivia Nuzzi Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wiki and Father

Olivia Nuzzi, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Father
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Age: 26 Years old
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Olivia Nuzzi bio and Wiki
Olivia Nuzzi born on January 6, 1993, is a popular American political journalist working for the New York Magazine. She became a household name after she covered Donald Trump, the US president’s presidential administration. Due to her ability to clearly present the news in a firm manner, Garance Franke Ruta, journalist of The Atlantic magazine complemented her as a lissome blonde.

As per the bio available in her Wikipedia page, she was born in New York to mother Kelly Nuzzi and the late father John Nuzzi. She also has a brother, Jonathan Nuzzi.

Her mother still lives in the River Plaza community, Middletown, New Jersey where Nuzzi spent her golden days of childhood. Currently, due to her job as a journalist for New York Magazine, Olivia Nuzzi is living in Washing D. C.

Olivia Nuzzi’s Parents
Late John Nuzzi is Olivia Nuzzi's father. He was born in Brooklyn, New York. He served the New York City Department of Sanitation for a period of 20 consecutive years. In December 2015, he died. Olivia wrote about her father describing how good a father he was, how he always encouraged her to work to make her dreams come true and how she is never forgetting the days she spent with him and how much she will be missing him in an article that was published in Daily Beast. The heart-wrenching article focused on the deep bonding of a father and his daughter and everybody could relate to it. She was highly praised for the article and the whole world send mourned for her loss. Later, Olivia thanked all her good wishers for their support in her bitter time.
Olivia Nuzzi Age: How old is Olivia Nuzzi?
Olivia Nuzzi completed her high school education from Middleton High School South. She started her writing career during her teenage years. In 2011, at the young age of 18, her first article was published in the triCityNews which was an alternate weekly magazine published in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Later, she continued working for the same magazine as a monthly political columnist. She also wrote for a political blog called More Monmouth Musings. At the age of 20 in 2013, she was already attending Fordham University for her graduate studies but unfortunately, could not graduate due to her career and personal issues.
She worked as an intern for the Anthony Weiner New York City mayoral campaign. Due to her dedication towards her work, the NSFWcorp hired her as a full-time writer for their newspaper. She was hired by the New York Daily Newspaper in order to cover the presidential campaign which was printed on the paper’s front page on July 30, 2013. At the present, Olivia is 24 years of age.

Olivia Nuzzi's Net Worth
The actual net worth of Olivia Nuzzi is not known. But she surely earns the attractive salary from her high profile writing jobs that has added up her net worth in millions. American nationality Olivia is very active on multiple social sites as well. She was listed as one of the 16 Breakout Media Stars by Politico in November 2016 for her performance in the field of media during the US presidential campaign. Likewise, she was also listed in “25 most influential people in news media” by Mediaite in 2016.