Phil Donahue bio, age, children, wife and net worth

Phil Donahue, bio, age, children, wife, net worth
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Age: 83 Years old
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Famous television personality John Donahue was born 21st December 1935 in Cleveland, Ohio. As a child, he enjoyed a lot with baseball and dance lessons. Phil Donahue bio available on many sources claimed that Phil was among the first graduating batch of St. Edward High School. During his high school days, he was the member of school band and sketched some cartoons for schools publications as well. For higher studies, he was enrolled at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana from where he received his bachelor’s degree in business administration in 1957.

Career, The Donahue show and net worth
Soon after his graduation, Phil Donahue got an opportunity to work as a summer replacement announcer at KYW-AM and KYW-TV in his hometown Cleveland. During the following summer, he came back to KYW but later moved to WABJ radio in Adrian, Michigan. Phil transformed himself as a newscaster for television in Dayton, Ohio and WHIO radio. During his tenure as a newscaster, he interviewed many people and one of them is union leader Jimmy Hoffa. The year was 1963 when he started to host Conversation Piece which is a radio phone-in talk show and the targeted audiences were females. At WHIO, he earned promotions and went on to host nightly news and other daily programs. He left the station in June 1967. Phil Donahue worked as a salesman for few months only. In November 1967, he retuned back to the screen with Dayton’s WLWD-TV as the host for the show called The PHIL Donahue Show. Initially, the program was started as the standard guest-host talk show but Donahue initiated studio audience to ask the question. After this the show went on to rock. As a result the show became one of the platforms to interact with social issues of the day and by the end of 1971 the show was expanded to 40 other stations. A big transformation came in 1974 when the production of the show was grabbed by WGN-TV in Chicago and the title of show was shortened to Donahue. Throughout the years, Donahue welcomed many high-profile guests like Ronald Reagan, Nelson Mandela and Jane Fonda. Perhaps, Donahue became famous for his devotion to the controversial issues covering the matters of women’s rights, homosexuality and misdeeds of the Catholic Church.

For his contribution to the society and industry, he was honored for the first time with Daytime Emmy Award in 1977. Till the year 1979 the show was being syndicated in more than 200 markets. After moving to WNBC-TV in New York City in the year 1985, Donahue created a history by pairing with Soviet radio and TV personality Vladimir Pozner in first live discussion among an American and Soviet audience. In 1987, Donahue was named as the first U.S talk show to be filmed in the Soviet Union. Phil Donahue talk show format crafted and opened the doorway for many other successful talk show hosts such as Geraldo Rivera, Sally Jessy Raphael and Oprah Winfrey. The show’s popularity was marred by the growth of similar other shows. Due to the declining rating of the show it was ended its run 1996. Same year, Phil Donahue received Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award. In the month of July in 2002, MSNBC started the same show with Phil and publicized the show with much hype. Unfortunately, due to the poor rating show was dropped again. Till 2007, Donahue remained out of limelight when he directed the documentary called Body of War. After three years he made appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show along with other hosts like Rivera, Raphael, Montel Williams and Ricki Lake. The influence of his historic show Donahue is really noticeable. In 1979, this famed personality has penned his autobiography titled Donahue: My Own Story. Later in 1985 he authored another book titled The Human Animal. At this moment, Phil Donahue age is 82 years old. Even at this age also he is regarded as such a legendary person in the media industry. When it comes to financial status this legendary personality has a jaw-dropping amount of net worth. As on today, the Phil Donahue net worth is estimated somewhere around 25 Million US dollars.

Personal life and wiki
Focusing on Phil Donahue personal life, he got married twice in his life. Phil Donahue and his first wife Margaret Cooney have four children and they are Michael, Kevin, Daniel and Jim and Mary Rose. Actress Marlo Thomas came as Phil Donahue wife for the second time. Phil Donahue Children do not have any objections regarding his second marriage. Phil Donahue bio has been featured in several wiki sites including Wikipedia and IMDb.