Selena Gomez Wiki, Facts, Hair, Body, Outfits, House and Bio

Selena Gomez, Selena Gomez Wiki, Facts, Hair, Body, Outfits, House, Bio
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Age: 26 Years old
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Selena Gomez Bio
Selena Gomez is one of the most famous young stars in today's generation. She is a singer, actress, model, producer and an entrepreneur. She has been in the entertainment field since her childhood days. Gomez started out as a young Disney actor and later turned out to be a star. After being a Disney star, she also tried her luck in the singing sector and she proved to be quite lucky in the music industry as well. Apart from singing and dancing, Selena Gomez has also modeled for multiple international brands and has produced her own Netflix series named '13 Reasons Why'.

In 2017, the Netflix series turned out one of the most popular series and '13 Reasons Why' also became one of the most twitted hashtags in social media like Twitter and Facebook. Apart from her acting and singing skills, Selena is also popular for her pretty face and attractive features. Many pop stars have clearly admired her and have also revealed being infatuated towards her. 5 Seconds of Summer band member Luke Hemmings and 1D singer Niall Horan have publicly admitted having the huge crush over the Bad Liar hitmaker.

Selena Gomez Hair
Selena Gomez has dark black thick hair that has added more beauty to her appealing figure and face. She usually loves to grow her hair in long tresses so that she can tame the in any style she likes. Selena has tried many hairstyles to date and we cannot deny that she looks equally beautiful in all of them. The various hairstyles she has opted until days are long straight, long wavy, long curly, up-to-formal, bangs and bob shoulder length.

Selena Gomez Body
Selena Gomez has an eye-catching body structure. She may not be as tall as the supermodels but she has got a body that looks beautiful in every 8 types of dresses fit for every body type. She has an hourglass figure that measures 36-28-35 and has a height of 165 cms. She weighs 59 kilograms and is a workout freak. Many snaps of her heading to the gym or returning from her workout session have appeared in numerous online and manual newspapers.

Selena Gomez Outfits
Selena Gomez loves to experiment various outfits. She has worn the wide variety of outfits from skirts, jeans, formals, gowns to bikinis.

Selena Gomez House
Selena Gomez has many houses in the US. Recently, she bought a house in California at a whopping price of 4.5 million dollars. It is spread over 3 acres and has a heated swimming pool.

Selena Gomez Wiki and Facts
No doubts that definitely a star like Selena Gomez has a Wikipedia page of her own. It has almost every detail of her family, how she started out as a child actor, her singing career, and her other entrepreneurial ventures. Since she has millions of fans all over the world who want to know about her personal and professional details, many Wiki sites and web pages have also been publishing her details. Selena Gomez is the most celebrated celebrity in the social media. She has a Facebook account, a Twitter account and of course, an Instagram profile as well. All of her social profiles have millions of can following. She is the most followed celebrity on the Instagram.