Who is Naomi Simson husband? Naomi Simson bio and family

Who is Naomi Simson husband, Naomi Simson, bio, family
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Age: 55 Years old
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Short Bio
Naomi Simson is a renowned businessperson, entrepreneur, and blogger born on February 22, 1964, in Melbourne. Of Australian nationality, her ethnicity is supposed to be white. Award winning business personality Naomi Simson’s bio says that she is best known as the founder and owner of ‘Redballoon’, an online experience gift retailer based in Australia. She was named one of the “Top 30 tech influencers on Twitter” by The Business Insider.

Net Worth and Salary
Don’t be stunned to hear this, but the gorgeous internet entrepreneur stands power packed with an amazing net worth value. Naomi Simson’s net worth falls somewhere in between $50million and her total revenue of $60million. Her company, which she started off with a mediocre budget of $250,000, is massively multiplying its clientele and she is the major mega mind behind it. Naomi’s education was at the University of Melbourne, from where she graduated in 1984. Furthermore, Naomi’s lucid and fortunate career first seeded itself in the corporate marketing field. At the dawn of her career, she worked at IBM and later also at KPMG, Ansett Australia, and Apple Computer Australia. An idea of online gift retailer stuck in her mind upon which she worked consistently to build an empire in 2001 that RedBalloon now has turned out to be. The smash-hit success of RedBalloon led to it being launched as a standalone business reward platform ‘Redi’ in 2016. She was also an addition to the ‘Shark Tank’ in Australia as one of the five Sharks. Her personal blog site was ranked as high as #2 among the Top Business Blogs in 2015. She is the author of her three books “Live What You Love”, “Ready to Soar” and “I Want She’s Having”. She has been awarded top business recognition awards during her lifetime.

Who is Naomi Simson’s husband? Know her marital status
It is almost relevant that with a celebrity’s busy, rich life comes their interesting set of affairs. Currently, in her second marital relationship, Naomi Simson is married to husband Stuart King who is also her long time partner. Naomi and husband Stuart had been dating each other for 5 years and they finally turned the relationship into a beautiful wedding ceremony in late 2016. Her ex-husband was Peter Simon with whom Naomi also had two children, but the couple eventually split. Naomi’s family now comprises of her kids and husband she absolutely adores. Pictures of Naomi’s sweet little family can be found on her personal profiles on the Internet.

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Height and Weight
Quite a tall woman herself, this gorgeous business tycoon’s laudable youthfulness is what captivates her clients. Naomi’s approximate height is at 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters) which give her a confident and smart person. She is eternally in a brilliant shape and at the age of 53, Naomi’s spectacular body measurements on top of a delightful style of speech are what make her a compellingly charming socialite.

Wiki and Facts
As one of the biggest rising Internet entrepreneurs, Naomi is quite the revolutionary woman in terms of the measure of the internet and its impacts. She is active throughout online platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. Her Twitter account @NaomiSimson possesses a total of 33K followers and her Instagram boasts half as many with 15.5K followers. She shares business startup tips and advice on her ultra popular blog ‘Naomisimson.com’ which features more than 1000 blogs. Naomi Simson’s Wikipedia and wiki sites are really helpful in case of an extensive research on her.